Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garmin Mobile XT v5.00.20ws

Add full-featured navigation to your GPS-enabled smartphone with Garmin Mobile XT. Garmin Mobile XT puts pre-loaded maps, spoken turn-by-turn directions, real-time services, and many more great features in the palm of your hand.
With spoken turn-by-turn directions and millions of points of interest (POIs), Garmin Mobile XT puts robust content right at your fingertips. You can upload custom points of interest and conveniently navigate to contacts in your address book. Garmin Mobile XT also provides dynamic data to help you make better-informed decisions at a moment’s notice. And with an intuitive user interface, moving maps and off-route recalculation, you’ll be able to navigate with confidence. It’s powerful functionality that you’ll only find with Garmin Mobile XT.


Anonymous said...

Main Program:


Turkey Map:

132mb'lik En Güncel Sürüm(2008.10) Harita (Not: bu surumde adres bolumu çalışmamaktadır.)

121mb'lik Eski (2008.07) Harita (Not: Bu sürüm sorunsuzdur.)

Anonymous said...

ben bunlari indirdim, icindeki "beni oku"ya gorede programi kurmaya calistim ama bende "kod" istiyor 8 karekterden olusan bir kod... yoksa kuruluma gecmiyor bile..