Monday, September 1, 2008

MoBlue 2.1 (New version)

Requirements:Windows Mobile Smartphone (Standard), Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Classic, Professional)

Overview:MoBlue, one of the first (if not the first) bluetooth-helpers for Windows Mobile, was released in its first version as early as in spring 2006. More than a year later the application moBlue 2 succeeds the first version after a major makeover. New features are progress bars, percentage meters and count-down clocks as well as the ability to save different types of files to different user designated folders.

Basically moBlue does the receiving job when you are receiving files over bluetooth, and it does it much better than the Microsoft built-in software. You can always choose to save all files to the storage card or to any other destination you may want to have your files at.
Info:Mars 20, 2008:All available versions of moBlue have been upgraded to version number 2.1. The new version includes a few bugfixes together with better file filters.

Latest version (2.1):If you are upgrading from a previous version, I strongly advise you to uninstall any other version of moBlue first

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AGEphone Mobile 2.75

AGEphone Mobile 2 brings VoIP functionality to your PDA or Smartphone. AGEphone's VoIP-Engine "microSIP Stack" is extremely small and fast, and therefore capable of running fluidly on small scale devices, such as a PDA or smartphone. The software is designed to work with Windows Mobile 5.0 / Windows Mobile 6 with or without a touch screen and is optimized for multiple resolutions in portrait or landscape mode.

AGEphone Mobile Features :
High quality sound, low delay buffering
The world's smallest and lightest VoIP stack
UPnP, STUN Support
Possibility to simultaneously use multiple Services
Provider QuickSwitch
Answering Machine
Click to Call Function
DND(Do not Disturb) Function
VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
Number Scaling
Call History
Number Auto Complete
Utilizes device's default addressbook
Inband/RFC2833 DTMF send
Multiple Codecs G.711u / G.711a / GSM
Voice Recording
IPv6 support
Device Power Management Multiple Language Support: English, German, and Japanese

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CorePlayer v1.2.5 Build 4506

CorePlayer PlatformMobile: Windows Mobile, Smartphone (ARM), CE (MIPS)Pro: WindowsVersion 1.2.5 build 4506 (20080603):
- FIX: Inconsistencies in the display of the time
- FIX: Don't prerotate almost square bitmaps
- FIX: Avoid treating an empty .pls file as .m3u
- FIX: Relative path handling in playlists
- FIX: HTTP long URL redirections (like YouTube)
- FIX: Symbian: Fix a crash when accessing the menu
- FIX: Palm: Always reset auto off timer when restoring timeout
- FIX: WinCE: More checks for the QTV detection
- FIX: WinCE: Window resizing issue when fullscreen mode changes menu and toolbar is temporarily created- ADD: Handle the x-audio/mp3 MIME Type
- ADD: WinCE/WM: WMP Plug-ins Preferences page w/new plug-in detection scheme
- 300+ other changes.

Fring for Windows Mobile

Auto-roams (Wi-Fi<>3G), reaches you from anywhere online, talks your language and lots more!
Windows Mobile fringsters wait with(out) patience no more… we are glad to announce that several core fring functions are now up and running for your fab WM phones & PDAs.
Auto-roam between 3G & Wi-Fi! Powered by our super-sleek connection manager, fring now automatically recognizes ‘friendly’ Wi-Fi network (one that you’ve previously logged onto) and auto-connects you. When you leave the zone, fring automatically connects your next call over 3G. We don’t care who operates the network, or what type it is so you get the best possible call quality and cost savings even if you don’t realize you’re in a Wi-Fi zone!-
WLAN support! For those of you who prefer to manually prioritize your access points including setting Wi-Fi / 3G network preferences, our connection manager puts the choice and control back in your hands.-
We now speak your language! fring is now available in 8 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian and Russian. fring automatically installs the default language on your handset unless you manually request a language from More –> settings.
The fringME! widget lets your online buddies communicate with you directly from internet pages! This widget lets you paste this cool new fringME! HTML code onto your own web pages, blogs and pretty much anywhere you have an internet presence of your own – enabling community members or casual visitors to instantly see whether you’re online, offline or busy in call and also chat with you directly from their computer. Download fringME! here.
Improved sound quality & chat – including, upon popular request, new message blinking instead of interrupting a current session. So to auto-roam in and out of 3G & Wi-Fi zones, control your own network choices, talk your local tongue, stay in touch with your web buddies and enjoy improved sound & chat, just download the new Microsoft signed version here… and don’t forget to let us know how you go! (or even better simply point your mobile web browser to fring site and download fring latest WM version directly to your device)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Java Oyunları (Games) V2



PicoDrive v0.52 (Sega Genesis Emulator)

PicoDrive is a Sega Genesis Emulator

PocketGnuboy (Gameboy Emulator)

PocketGnuboy is a Gameboy Emulator for smartphone

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leopard Homescreen & Bomberman Game

Turn off 1.0

  • Switch your Smartphone off or perform a softreset.
  • Windows XP look and feel
  • Comes with a Windows-like shutdown sound
  • Swich off and Softreset

gCalc v1.0

  • Calculator for Smartphone and PPC
  • Simple, one-hand usage for PPC's with keypad/keyboard and Smartphones.
  • Skinnable
  • Works well with most popular screen types : 176x220, QVGA portrait, QVGA landscape, Square (240x240).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic

The classic PC action game of all time - the one that launched Duke Nukem into superstardom! The Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D includes the original Duke Nukem 3D, as well as the built-in Plutonium PAK!
This game, set sometime in the early 21st century, begins in a ravaged LA, which was overtaken by aliens. Duke, upon returning to Earth, finds himself with another mess to clean up, and another alien race that needs exterminating. Duke is a can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him.

Efficasoft Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor v3.51

Monitor multiple connections simultaneously.
Home Screen GPRS traffic display with easy switch between Day/Month views.
Friendly interface design, detailed usage statistics at a glance.
Connection status and IP address display.
Multilanguage support - English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Fully supports Windows Mobile Smartphones (2002, 2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6) and QVGA (240x320) screen.

Monday, May 12, 2008

CoreCodec CorePlayer v1.2.4 Build 4204 (20080509)

Version 1.2.4 build 4204 (4187 for Symbian) (20080509):

- FIX: YouTube seeking issues
- FIX: YouTube navigation on small screens
- FIX: Busy indicator on Palm and Symbian
- FIX: Revision3 RSS reading (watch out for the huge bandwidth needs)
- FIX: Keyframe issue on some rare AVC streams
- FIX: OS X: fix some display issues
- FIX: OS X: Conversion of some UTF16 strings
- FIX: Symbian: TCP/UDP connections are less blocking and more stable
- FIX: Symbian: Audio handling is more robust
- FIX: Symbian: UIQ3 backlight issues
- FIX: Symbian: Possible crash when playing MP3 and AVC
- FIX: Win32: File association on Vista
- ADD: FLV playback support (no VP6)
- ADD: F4V file extension
- ADD: Get the duration from RSS feeds
- ADD: Option to keep the screen on when playing audio files (too)
- ADD: Reading cover art from Zune folders
- ADD: Symbian: Keep the preferred access point in the preferences
- ADD: Symbian: Show the currently selected item in enums

Coreplayer 1.2.2 - Benchmark Results of Benq E72

Video File: RL_MQB_320x240_512_128.avi (Matrix Trailer)

Video Frames: 119.11%
Video Frames: 3635
Audio Samples: 6676992
Amount of Data: 12020 KB

Bench. Time: 02:07.155
Bench. Frame Rate: 28.587
Bench. Sample Rate: 52510
Bench. Data Rate: 774 kbit/s

Orginal Time: 02:31.460
Orginal Frame Rate: 24.000
Orginal Sample Rate: 44100
Orginal Data Rate: 650 kbit/s

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cyberon Voice(Speech) Commander v2.5.1 build 709141 portable (Türkçe, Polski, Russian, English, Espanol)

Cihaz'da ki cyberon sesli komut algılama progamının kendisi sd karta atip voicecommander.exe den portable şekilde çalımakta. Diger smartphone cihazlarda da çalılaşabilir.
Supported Platform- Microsoft Windows Mobile Features & Benefit- Adopts Speaker-Independent (SI) voice recognition technology, no training required- High reliability and accuracy- Supports worldwide languages - Supports bilingual recognition- Supports BlueTooth earphones - Voice control of name dial (Supports at least 1,500 contacts) / digit dial- Voice control of contact query / phone dialer / shortcuts - Voice control of Windows Media - Integration with compact size TTS for command playback / SMS / E-mail / Calendar reader - Highly noise robustness

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mophun (SynergeniX) Emulator + 15 3D Games

SynergeniX oyunlarını bu emulator sayesinde oynayabilirsiniz emulatorle birlikte yüklenecek olan oyunlar ; ArenaTMN. Boxing3D . Carmageddon3D , Da Vinci Code 3D , LnL2 - Exile, FatalArena , FootballPro , GolfProContest, GolfProContest2, HeliAttack2, JoesTreasureQuest3D , LnL1 , MA3D , RallyProContest

Bu oyunları kesin deneyin gerçekten harikalar....

3D SynergeniX Games and Emulator for windows mobile. Just copy to sd card and run 4MOPHUN.EXE choose the game, play and have fun...

Sd karta atin 4MOPHUN.EXE calistirin (start menu kısayol yapabilirsiniz) oyun listesinden oyun secin ok deyin oyun baslaycaktir.

Benq E72 Smartphone Read More......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Java Oyunları (Games) V1

Oyunlar denenmiştir Jbed3D emulator ile calismaktadir. Genel olarak ses oyunlarda calismamaktadir. Sadece worms 2008 ve wimbledon da ses calisiyor. Ilerleyen zamanlarda yeni oyunlar da ekleyecegim.


BEIKS Klasorunu SD karta kopyalayip start menu' ye BDicty.exe icin kisayol yaratin. BDicty'yi çalıştırın. (copy beiks to sd card and run bdicty.exe (u can create shortcut)

Monday, May 5, 2008

IE Cache'i karta taşıma (Move IE Cache to Card)

internet explorer icin temp cookie ve history klasorlerini cihaz hafizasi yerine sd kartta taşımak için ufak bir registry ayari yapiyoruz.

Cihazda registry'den (Fire up the registry editor on your phone and navigate to the following key) "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell"
anahtarını bulup.

(Change Value Data to)

Cache = \Storage Card\Application Data\IETemp\guest\Temporary Internet Files
Cookies = \Storage Card\Application Data\IETemp\guest\Cookies
History= \Storage Card\Application Data\IETemp\guest\History

seklinde degistiriyoruz. Burda kartin icinde once application data ve alt klasorlerini yaratmayi unutmamaliyiz. Application Data ayrica opera 8.65'in de cache klasoru oldugundan ben burayi uygun gordum siz degisiklik yapabilirsiniz.

Registry'ye ulasmak icin CeRegistryEditor'u kullanabilirsiniz. Pc'den baglanti kurup degisiklik yapilabildigi icin cok rahat. (Using CeRegistryEditor is easy way of changing value of registry data)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Varsayılan IE Giriş Sayfası (Default IE Explorer Homepage)

Varsayılan IE Giriş Sayfası. Cihazdaki turkcell giriş sayfası yerine varsayılan giriş sayfasını kullanmak icin TURHome.htm'yi windows klasorune atin.
Ayrica arama bolumunu live yerine google'a cevirmek icin
cihazda registry' ye girerek. "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" altinda "Search Page" 'in icerigini

olarak degisitirin.

Benq E72 Smartphone Read More......

WM 6.1 startup screen

Windows Mobile 6.1 Startup Screen (Açılış Ekranı)

Copy ms_splash.png to windows directory

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Friday, May 2, 2008


View your mobile screen on your desktop.
Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
Capture mobile screen.
Drag and drop files to your mobile.
Support ActiveSync / IP Connection
Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)
Improvement of Connection (WM2005 or later, Vista)
Bug fix, Drag&drop feature on mobile window (ActiveSync via BT,...)
Bug Fix, Character input (Europe/Asian Chars)
Add, IP Connection requires password. (Change Password)
Add, Function Key, F8('*') F9('#') F11(ScreenOff) F12(Home)

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CeRegEditor portable for WindowsMobile

The CeRegEditor is a registry editor for any device (PDA) based on WindowsCE, PocketPC2003 and WindowsMobile(WM5, WM6) system.
It runs on desktop PC but operates on a mobile device.With this feature user is able to user a normal keyboard, mouse and big - even 21' PC's monitor :)

Main features:
Navigate and edit(create) registry keys/values
Fast search Export/import keys in REG format
Management of favourites keys in registry
"Image" of registry with compare and restore service
Offline mode - create, edit files as regular device registry
Support for HV files edition!

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SimManager 1.0

SimManager for smartphone devices. (Türkçe, Polski, Russian, English, Espanol)

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fizz Traveller 2.4BQ(19) (Türkçe, Polski, Russian, English, Espanol)

Your feature packed travel mate. Some of the best weather forecasts ever seen on a Microsoft mobile device can now be displayed on your Mobile Home Screen. Over 58000 world locations, world times , world alarms, daylight maps, itinerary trip help, currency conversions, general conversions, new graphics, themes, new simple interface & home screen support - this product is your absolute essential everyday and travel tool.

Cihaz'daki Fizz Traveller 2.4 kurulumsuzdur. Diger smartphone cihazlara yüklenebilir.

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Vito AudioNotes v1.32 (Türkçe, Polski, Russian, English, Espanol)

VITO AudioNotes is a Windows Mobile call recorder that allows you to record phone calls on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones in decent mp3 and wav audio formats. Voice recording on smartphones has never been so simple before VITO AudioNotes!
Apart from being a phone call recorder VITO AudioNotes also allows recording voice notes, lectures, interviews, negotiations and anything else you like. With this Windows Mobile voice recorder you will never lose yourself in heaps of audio recording formats wondering which is better. A student, a businessman or a housewife - no matter what you do - with AudioNotes you don't need to be computer savvy!

Cihaz'daki Audio Notes (sesli notlar)'ın ta kendisi. Kurulum gerektirmeden direk calisabilir. Diger wm smartphone cihazlarda kullanilabilir.
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Vito Ringtone Editor v1.21 (Türkçe, Polski, Russian, English, Espanol)

VITO Ringtone Editor is the quickest way to create your own ringtones. All you need to do is listen to the melody and choose the part of it you want to assign as a ringtone. User-friendly intuitive interface simplifies the process greatly. After you have started VITO Ringtone Editor, browse the folders to find the necessary music file in MP3 and WAV format and start playing it.
While the melody is playing you mark the beginning and the end of a ringtone: just a matter of two presses. The ringtone is created! Now you can immediately assign it as a default ringtone or just save it. You can also replay the ringtone and if it doesn't meet your expectations you can play the original file once again to select a different part. Create your own collection of ringtones with ease!

Cihazda ki ringtone editor'un ta kendisi kurulumsuz calisabilir. Diger windows mobile smartphone cihazlarda kullanilablir.

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Chronos Alarm Clock v3.8.0 Smartphone

Chronos fills a gap in Windows Mobile operating systems by offering an unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound (WMA, MP3 and OGG) and time settings. Two countdowns with lap times lets you track time spent on certain tasks. Supports QVGA and WM2006.
* Unlimited number of highly customizable alarms and timers
* Skinnable clock
* Screen-saver mode
* MP3, OGG, WMA support
* Free upgrades
* QVGA and WM2006 support
* Support of landscape screens
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mundu IM v4.0.285

Mundu IM'in yeni versiyonu: rarli dosya icindeki mundu IM v4.0ws klasorunu direk sd karta atip exe'den calistirabilirsiniz kurulum gerektirmez. Yada cihazdaki mevcut surum 3'un dosyalari \windows klasorunde bulunmakta buraya dosyalari kopyalarsaniz surum 4'e update etmis olursunuz.
Auto-Reconnect feature to connect to the IM services disconnected due to network problems,
OSCAR protocol implementation for AOL,
Protocol v11 for MSN,
Full fledged support for all screen resolutions,
Support for "Vibrate" alerts,
Setting a Display picture,
Support added for 'Digest-MD5' authentication mechanism in XMPP protocol layer.
Recent MSN Login issues that cropped up with certain ID's,
Minor fixes for disconnection issues,
Invisible mode login for Yahoo,
Delete buddy issue in Gtalk,
Defaulting to "7" days for saved messages on re-login,
Few error messages corrected.
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Update for Windows Mobile (KB949168) Daylight Saving Time

Brief Description:
This is the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 (Pocket PC and Smartphone) update to address DST related issues in 2008 due to revised Daylight Saving Time laws in many countries.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Security Model For Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0

  • Control which applications are allowed to run on the device and what they can do.
  • Control who can access specific device settings, and their level of access.
  • Control what desktop applications can do on the device (Remote API (RAPI) control through ActiveSync).
  • Policies configure security settings that are then enforced with the security roles and certificates:
    Security roles determine access to device resources, based on message origin and how the message is signed.
  • Certificates are used to sign executables, DLLs, and CAB files that run on Windows Mobile-powered devices.

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Vito CopyPaste v1.4 build 72

System utility that greatly simplifies managing your Smartphone. CopyPaste does exactly what its name says in any editable field – edit box. Copy or cut the info from an edit box and paste it to another one. You can also select the necessary part of the edit box contents for copying or cutting to another editable field. CopyPaste saves your time and ink.

How to install and use
Just copy VitoCopyPaste.exe to any place on your device and launch it (the program will start automatically in the future). For 'copy, cut or paste text' press and hold Action button on the edit box.
Supported languages: Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Benq E72 Resimleri (images)

Benq E72 fotoğrafları / Pictures of Benq E72

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SDHC 8 GB Memory Cards Support

Cihaz normal olarak 2gb veya 4gb micro sd kartla ile calismakta. SDHC sürücü güncellemesi ile 8gb'a kadar destek veriyor. Yüklemeyi karta degil ana bellege yapiniz. Yükledikten sonra cihazi tekrar baslatiniz.

Here is the driver for the Benq E72. After installing Reset Your Device. Dont forget to install in Main Memory. Driver let E72 read 8G sdhc.

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Benq E72 Security Unlock

Cihazin windows klasorune yazma,editleme gibi mudahale etmek ve bazi registry ayarlarini degistirmek icin gerekli cihaz kilidi acma yontemi. Giris ekranini degistirmek, explorer giris sayfasini degistirmek, windows klasorunde degisiklik yapmak, baslat menusunu duzenlemek ancak bunla mumkun.
1. rar icindeki unlock klasorunu oldugu gibi sd karta atin.
2. firstinstall icindeki "" calistirin.
3. "" calistirin.
4. Cihaz'ın guvenlik kilidi acilmistir.

Fring Kullanıcıları: ve icin kisayol yaratip start menusune tasiyabilirsiniz. Fring ile arama yapmak icin once "" calistirin sonra fringe girin. Bu sekilde Konusma sirasinda gsm kapanma sorunu olmayacaktir. Fring'den ciktiktan sonra "" calistirabilir ve guvenlik kilidi olmadan kullanmaya devam edebilirsiniz. default klasorundeki "" cihazi varsayilan ayarlara dondurecektir. Tekrar aktif etmek icin yine ilk olarak "" calistirmalisiniz.
1. copy unlock directory to sd card.
2. First install "" inside firstinstall directory
3. Then run ""
4. Finally application security is unlocked.

Fring Users:
You can create shorcut for and through start menu. In order to call with fring first, run "" then run fring. Thus, during call there is no gsm disable problem. After exit fring you can run "" and go without security lock. "" inside default directory returns device default factory settings. In order to activate unlocked again you have to run "" first.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Opera Mini 4.1 on Benq E72 (Youtube Video)

Cihaz ile opera mini 4.1 de gezerken cekilen video. (My Mobiler 1.2 ile kaydedilmistir.)

Opera Mini 4.1 on Benq E72 windows mobile 6 smartphone (Recorded with My Mobiler v1.2 remote program)

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Opera Mobile 8.65 on Benq E72 (Youtube Video)

Cihaz ile opera 8.65 mobile da gezerken kaydedilen video. (My Mobiler 1.2 ile kaydedilmistir.)

Opera mobile 8.65 on Benq E72 smartphone (Recorded with My Mobiler v1.2 remote program)

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Lingvosoft v1.2.19 Turkish-English Dictionary

Basarili bir ingilizce turkce - turkce ingilizce sozluk..

Resco Explorer v6.15 for Smartphone

Harika bir dosya yoneticisi, ozellik acisindan mevcut dosya yoneticisinden cok daha basarili mutlaka yukleyin. Ayrica registry editor de mevcut..

Google maps v2.0.1.28

Google Maps v2.0.1.28 mobile versiyon. Google'un harita programı tavsiye ederim wifi ile gayet iyi calisiyor.

Skype for smartphone

Iste Harika bir program. Meşur SKYPE 2.2 for windows mobile smartphone.

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Anlik mesajlasmaya imkan veren program skype, googletalk, msn gibi aglara baglanarak sesli konusabilmeye de imkan taniyor. Ayrica sip destegi sayesinde uygun fiyatlara zaman zaman da bedavaya yerel telefonlarin aranmasini sagliyor. Googletalk, Skype ile konusurken seste biraz gecikme(delay) olusmakta. Sip destegi basarili.. Denemeye deger...

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Clear Temp 1.0

Windows Temp klasoru ve internet explorer icin gecici dosyalari, cookieleri silmeye yarayan guzel ufak bir program.