Thursday, June 26, 2008

CorePlayer v1.2.5 Build 4506

CorePlayer PlatformMobile: Windows Mobile, Smartphone (ARM), CE (MIPS)Pro: WindowsVersion 1.2.5 build 4506 (20080603):
- FIX: Inconsistencies in the display of the time
- FIX: Don't prerotate almost square bitmaps
- FIX: Avoid treating an empty .pls file as .m3u
- FIX: Relative path handling in playlists
- FIX: HTTP long URL redirections (like YouTube)
- FIX: Symbian: Fix a crash when accessing the menu
- FIX: Palm: Always reset auto off timer when restoring timeout
- FIX: WinCE: More checks for the QTV detection
- FIX: WinCE: Window resizing issue when fullscreen mode changes menu and toolbar is temporarily created- ADD: Handle the x-audio/mp3 MIME Type
- ADD: WinCE/WM: WMP Plug-ins Preferences page w/new plug-in detection scheme
- 300+ other changes.

Fring for Windows Mobile

Auto-roams (Wi-Fi<>3G), reaches you from anywhere online, talks your language and lots more!
Windows Mobile fringsters wait with(out) patience no more… we are glad to announce that several core fring functions are now up and running for your fab WM phones & PDAs.
Auto-roam between 3G & Wi-Fi! Powered by our super-sleek connection manager, fring now automatically recognizes ‘friendly’ Wi-Fi network (one that you’ve previously logged onto) and auto-connects you. When you leave the zone, fring automatically connects your next call over 3G. We don’t care who operates the network, or what type it is so you get the best possible call quality and cost savings even if you don’t realize you’re in a Wi-Fi zone!-
WLAN support! For those of you who prefer to manually prioritize your access points including setting Wi-Fi / 3G network preferences, our connection manager puts the choice and control back in your hands.-
We now speak your language! fring is now available in 8 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian and Russian. fring automatically installs the default language on your handset unless you manually request a language from More –> settings.
The fringME! widget lets your online buddies communicate with you directly from internet pages! This widget lets you paste this cool new fringME! HTML code onto your own web pages, blogs and pretty much anywhere you have an internet presence of your own – enabling community members or casual visitors to instantly see whether you’re online, offline or busy in call and also chat with you directly from their computer. Download fringME! here.
Improved sound quality & chat – including, upon popular request, new message blinking instead of interrupting a current session. So to auto-roam in and out of 3G & Wi-Fi zones, control your own network choices, talk your local tongue, stay in touch with your web buddies and enjoy improved sound & chat, just download the new Microsoft signed version here… and don’t forget to let us know how you go! (or even better simply point your mobile web browser to fring site and download fring latest WM version directly to your device)