Friday, February 20, 2009

Benchmark Results Crea MS2 (CorePlayer)

Video File: RL_MQB_320x240_512_128.avi (Matrix Trailer)

Crea MS2 with OMAP850 204mhz(overclocked)

Video Frames: 111.17%
Video Frames: 3635
Audio Samples: 6700652
Amount of Data: 12020 KB

Bench. Time: 02:16.246
Bench. Frame Rate: 26.680
Bench. Sample Rate: 49180
Bench. Data Rate: 722 kbit/s

Orginal Time: 02:31.460
Orginal Frame Rate: 24.000
Orginal Sample Rate: 44100
Orginal Data Rate: 650 kbit/s

Efficasoft CeleTask 2.2.2504 for smartphone

CeleTask is a powerful Task/Process Manager, as well as a highly customizable toolbox with lots of useful functions for your Smartphone and Pocket PC, such as Power Status, Memory Status, Free Memory, Reboot System, Shutdown System, etc.

Fully supports Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC; Supports VGA/QVGA and standard size screens.

CorePlayer 1.3.0 Build 6213 for Smartphone

Version 1.3.0 build 6213 (20081208):
- FIX: YouTube playback
- FIX: ISO8601 'zulu' (Z) dates
- FIX: ogg Speex and Theora detection
- FIX: AVI parsing fixes
- FIX: Anamorphic aspect ratio in AVI
- FIX: Probe for UDP streams
- FIX: ID3v2.4 size parsing
- FIX: Aspect setting with prerotated portrait videos
- FIX: Misc. FLV issues
- FIX: PalmOS: Memory usage
- FIX: OS X: Keyboad shortcuts
- ADD: More YouTube stream options (from 50 kbps to 2 Mbps)
- ADD: Basic HTTP proxy support
- ADD: Basic HTTP authentication
- ADD: Improved file caching
- ADD: Support EntryRef in ASX playlists
- ADD: Low delay streaming option
- ADD: Better support for embedded cover art
- ADD: Merge the list of artist into album artists (on by default)
- ADD: Reload network files on startup option (off by default)
- ADD: Desktop: Always on top option
- CHG: CoreUI speed optimizations & fixes
- CHG: XML parsing speed
- CHG: Prefer UDP streaming for RTSP by default

Esmertec Jbed Java 20080328.3.1 for Smartphone

* Has sound and 3D capabilities!
* Installs on main memory or storage card (without editing anything in registry)!
* Has no screen height bug like other releases!
* Runs almost all S60 Java games!

Opera Mini 4.2.13337

Full Web: Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Fast: Faster mobile internet as data is compressed before being sent to your phone. Free: Opera Mini is free to download. It is the definitive mobile web browser.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benchmark Results Benq E72 vs Crea MS2 (CorePlayer)

Video File: RL_MQB_320x240_512_128.avi (Matrix Trailer)

Benq E72 with OMAPV1030 260mhz

Video Frames: 119.11%
Video Frames: 3635
Audio Samples: 6676992
Amount of Data: 12020 KB

Bench. Time: 02:07.155
Bench. Frame Rate: 28.587
Bench. Sample Rate: 52510
Bench. Data Rate: 774 kbit/s

Orginal Time: 02:31.460
Orginal Frame Rate: 24.000
Orginal Sample Rate: 44100
Orginal Data Rate: 650 kbit/s

Crea MS 2 with OMAP850 180mhz

Video Frames: 96.86%
Video Frames: 3635
Audio Samples: 6690602
Amount of Data: 12020 KB

Bench. Time: 02:36.364
Bench. Frame Rate: 23.247
Bench. Sample Rate: 42788
Bench. Data Rate: 629 kbit/s

Orginal Time: 02:31.460
Orginal Frame Rate: 24.000
Orginal Sample Rate: 44100
Orginal Data Rate: 650 kbit/s

Skype for Smartphone

Make free Skype-to-Skype calls, send and receive instant messages.Log into Skype from any WiFi zone to make free calls and send instant messages to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world, any day of the week. You can also login on your mobile data connection (your operator’s data charges will apply). Take your phone with you when you leave the office or when you’re out and about and stay in touch with all of your contacts.

Note: version 2.2 works better than 2.5 on smartphone that has lower cpu such as omap850
(2.5 versiyonu düşük işlemciden kaynaklı olarak sesde kesilme ve telefonda takılmalara neden oluyor. Eski olan 2.2 versiyonunda bu durum söz konusu değil daha performanslı çalışıyor.)

Nimbuzz 1.1.0 Beta for Windows Mobile

Nimbuzz Mobile lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts.
See who´s online and where, call/group-call, chat/chatrooms, offline messaging, send photos/music/video, voice messaging.
Nimbuzz Mobile free to download and use. Nimbuzz will not charge or bill you for anything. However, since Nimbuzz uses your internet connection, incremental data charges from your provider will apply. We therefore strongly recommend to use the mobile client only with a flat-rate data plan or free Wifi connection

Fring v3.34.17.216 for Windows Mobile

fring™ is a mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their online communities together.Using your handset′s internet connection, you can interact with friends on all your favourite social networks including Skype®, MSN Messenger®, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM®. You can listen to music with your friends, check out what each other are up to on Facebook, receive alerts of new Google Mail™ and tailor make your very own fring by adding more cool experiences from fringAdd-ons™.fring puts all your online friends into one, dynamic fringFriends™ buddy list, which is always connected so you can enjoy free calls and instant messaging with all your online friends, see their real-time status, and even find each other’s actual location.fring makes your mobile the ultimate social device.As well as it′s social appeal, fring also lets you make affordable local and international calls to landline and regular cellular numbers using your SkypeOut/SkypeIn account or almost any internet voice service (SIP) such as SIPNET, EuteliaVoIP, VoIPVoIP and VoIPTalk, even from non-SIP enabled handsets.What′s more, fring does all the work for you, automatically logging you into your favorite WiFi hotspots so you save time and hassle without having to configure your WiFi access points each time.