Thursday, May 1, 2008

mundu IM v4.0.285

Mundu IM'in yeni versiyonu: rarli dosya icindeki mundu IM v4.0ws klasorunu direk sd karta atip exe'den calistirabilirsiniz kurulum gerektirmez. Yada cihazdaki mevcut surum 3'un dosyalari \windows klasorunde bulunmakta buraya dosyalari kopyalarsaniz surum 4'e update etmis olursunuz.
Auto-Reconnect feature to connect to the IM services disconnected due to network problems,
OSCAR protocol implementation for AOL,
Protocol v11 for MSN,
Full fledged support for all screen resolutions,
Support for "Vibrate" alerts,
Setting a Display picture,
Support added for 'Digest-MD5' authentication mechanism in XMPP protocol layer.
Recent MSN Login issues that cropped up with certain ID's,
Minor fixes for disconnection issues,
Invisible mode login for Yahoo,
Delete buddy issue in Gtalk,
Defaulting to "7" days for saved messages on re-login,
Few error messages corrected.
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